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Liang demonstrates a training area. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Liang Yinlong, director of the educational department at Changtai Prison in Tianjin.

Nowadays society is developing quickly, so spending a long time behind bars may prevent prisoners from learning about new things happening outside. That means they will be unfamiliar with changes in society when they are released from prison.

In April 2013, Changtai Prison launched a training center that simulates typical scenarios to make it easier for prisoners to start new lives, instead of being shocked by the fast-developing world.

The center has 14 simulated functional areas - including public transportation, a police station, a driving school, a job market, a bank and an administrative service center - to help inmates become familiar with these situations.

In the simulated transportation station, they can learn about the different means of transportation they can choose, and use a simulated booking machine so they will know how to book tickets.

At the police station, they learn about the procedures relating to hukou, or household registration, that former prisoners must undertake after serving prison sentences.

They can learn the latest traffic rules and how to apply for a driver"s license at the traffic police service station. They can also use a simulator to refresh their experience of driving, which they may have forgotten while in prison.

The administrative service center provides guidance in applying for a business license, paying taxes and other administrative affairs, including social security, marriage and divorce.

Most inmates are unfamiliar with developments such as the internet and new technology, such as bike sharing platforms and online payment.

Earlier this year, we placed an Ofo bike in our center so the prisoners could learn how to use shared bikes.

We also launched a simulated touch-screen smartphone, which allows them to try different mobile apps. Some prisoners serving long sentences have never even used a smartphone.

About a month before prisoners are released, they come to the training center, where they have to pass a test. There is also a self-assessment system that enables prisoners to test their skills, and teaching plans can be drawn up in line with each individual"s test results.

Three days before release, prisoners are required to visit the oath room, where they swear an oath before the national flag and sign a pledge.

The oath is designed to make them reflect on their errors and reinforce their promise to become law-abiding citizens when they leave prison.

Liang Yinlong spoke with Zhang Yi.